Featuring Hannah Violet, Finally!!!
Nov. 28, 2008


Thank you to all my friends and family that came out to TC's on Thanksgiving eve to hear me perform my first "Hannah Violet" gig with Jeremy Warke and my father Mitch Miller. We had full house and Ted and Rick are awesome. They asked me to come back in the spring so thank you to those who heard me for the first time and hung out all night long. What an awesome time. I had so  much fun and it felt good to do some cover songs such as Alabama, Cross Canadian Ragweed, Jolene, Live Forever, by Billy Joe Shaver and other of my favorite rock/country/folk songs. We did a little bit of bluegrass on dual fiddles and originals like Hearts on the ground, Violet Sky, Just Leave, He's mine etc.  It was such a treat for me and I'll let you know when Jeremy, dad, and I play together again. Thanks to sweet wonderful Joe for coming up for his first live performance and singing and playing harmonica with me. To both of our families, you were such entertainment for me, thank you for being so much fun and supportive. The old Buck Wyld group, thanks for singing along and shoutin out old fav's. All true reasons why it was worth moving back home from tn. Love yas

I have pictures to post but if anyone has any pictures to put on here, just email them to [email protected]. I would love to fill this blog up with pictures of everyone.

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Tony Jun. 11, 2009

Hi Hannah,

Tc’s was amazing. We had alot of fun and it was a nice mix of cover songs and original music. This city boy got a real taste of country music. Can’t wait to see you play again.


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