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Jun. 01, 2009

Hannah Violet, a native Berks County Folk/Country/Rock singer, musician and songwriter has become a successful solo performer, studio musician and band-leader, in addition to a career as a Hospice Board-Certified Music Therapist. Hannah has sung, played guitar and fiddle through out Nashville Tennessee, Pennsylvania and surrounding states. Hannah has made a positive name for herself with her passion, range of style, professionalism, talent, and has lead the "Hannah Violet Trioā€¯ for 6 years.

Hannah released a CD of 14 original tracks, and a music video shot in Las Vegas in 2015 titled "Violet Sky". CDs can be purchased at any live event or on Itunes. Hannah has begun recording her next CD, which will feature much of her talented band mates, Phil Pilorz and Mitch Miller. You can find upcoming gigs and information at or facebook. On Hannahā€™s site you can also book her for a solo performance or the Trio for your weddings, parties, memorials, live music venues, and festivals.

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David Kutz Aug. 27, 2011

Hey Hannah i saw you play at the F.O.E in kutztown when you were with buck wyld and i thought you were amazing at singing and playing the fiddle.

KB Wesley Nov. 15, 2010

Thank you so very much for coming today to perform for Wes in his final hours. For all your Divinely wonderful musical gifts, your love and spiritual generosity during Wes's 10 months in Hospice is the one we know the best! Everyone from Heartland Hospice has been wonderful...but your visits were always the highlight of each month for Wes. To be personally seranaded by such an Angelic Person and Voice was his greatest Joy. God blessed him when he sent you as his Musical Therapist. Thank you...thank you...thank you.
Blessings & Love,

joseph kalbach Jun. 30, 2010

I watched you play at the Lebanon VA for the Hospice Memorial Service. I think you were blessed to have that talent. I cried and had a hard time due to my uncle John's wife Margaret (Peggy Ream) passed away on 31 May. He is like a dad to me since my dad died when I was four. Also I kept thinking about my mother as she passed away in 1998 from ALS. It must be nice to be able to follow your dream, and to take the initiative and do what all you have done to date. When watching and listening to you from my seat, you and your partner looked like 18-20 years old. I just wanted you to know that I would love to have you perform one time for my sister, my nieces and there children. You present your self like an angel. May God continue to bless you and I find you to be amazing to be able to handle lifes situations with the type of work you are doing. I will see you get two copies of The Carolina Christmas Opry so you may give your partner one also.

June Atwell Sep. 28, 2009

Hi Hannah,
My husband and I saw you for the first time at Cancun Cantina on Saturday night. We were sitting at the first table on the right (40s, he was in a cowboy hat, and I was the blond with him), and you came up to us to thank us for obviously enjoying your show. He came back later and got your card. We actually really pay close attention to you because we have a country classic rock band, Crossfire. Our singer is a 13 yr old country girl with a huge voice. Our son, 14, has been playing guitar and singing backup for her for 3 years now. We think you have it all, and loved your whole band. Our young band could learn a lot from you. If you want to check them out, just go to YouTube and search on Crossfire and Sykesville. They have 97 videos from the last three years. We hope to catch you at a family friendly event one day and bring our son. Good luck with your video. You are amazing!

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