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Jun. 11, 2009

Hello everyone.

Just something
I wanted to try.
Use this post on my blog to chat with each other.
I want to know what everyone’s up to and how things are going.

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Alura Jul. 20, 2011

heyyyyy hannah
uncle tony told me bout you guys blowing up a car!!!!!!
sounds very exciting!
cant wait to see it:]
miss you!!!!!:)

Alura & Marie Apr. 01, 2011

i like the idea of the chat room
try 2 email u more
alura & marie

Britni Hertzog Feb. 19, 2010

Hey Hannah,
How are you doing? I've been trying to find a way to contact you through email/facebook, something. But, this is so far the only way I have found. I dont have your number or anything and we all need to really get together sometime. I hope all is well with you, the band, and Joe. Hope to hear from you soon. Miss you dearly.

hannah violet Dec. 16, 2009

Hey Vel. I wrote you a long email but then something failed. I am so bumbed. But thank you so much for your sweet message. Hopefully Joe, my parents and I will be up at mommoms and pop pops on Christmas day to play some music. We will be thinking of you and sending our songs and love in spirit. I will try to email you again. Sending big hugs and holiday cheer to you out there in SD. I sure hope I get to see it some day soon.

Happy Holidays to all of Joe's family in SD. I hope you stay warm and have a truly special holiday.

Velda Dec. 04, 2009

Hi Hannah Violet, hey from bad nation south dakota, it's me Vel Phillips, one of your biggest fans ever! miss being with you and joe at the rodeos, my fondest memory ever will be when you and dad sang at the farm for mom mom and pop pop, very lucky to be an original audience. awesome website and pics, can't wait for me and mike to have a cd, we are so lucky to be a part of your life!! wow girl, hang in there, love and peace

Ash Aug. 27, 2009

Hey!! Videos are great.. You sound amazing!! Can't wait to watch you play again!!

RHEA Aug. 25, 2009


Hannah Violet Aug. 05, 2009

Hi Kate. Thank you so much for your nice message. I had such a nice time at the Macungie Pub open mic. Everybody there was having fun and there was some really good music. I'm hoping to go again soon. I'll be sure to post it if I can plan ahead. If you come out to my gigs, please come up and say hi. It means alot that you enjoyed the songs I played at the Pub. I hope to see you and your friends soon.


hannahviolet Aug. 05, 2009

Hey Molly!

Texas would be priority, I promise! So I'm guessing Ang, Marci, and Jolynn told you about the "Drew" song called "800 bucks". It had its debut at TC's. I am hoping to see a video of it soon and get it posted on my site or youtube. It's so funny how things turned out for this whole town and Drew. Life is good. Thanks for keeping in touch and checking my site out. hugs-Hannah

Kate Aug. 05, 2009

Hi Hannah!
I saw you a couple months ago at Macungie Pub and we all fell in love with you music. I just saw all your dates so hopefully we can come out and see you one night. But just wondering if you have a CD and if not then do you have an idea when its coming out? We love your music!

Molly Pitts Aug. 04, 2009

Hi Hannah,
I wish I was home in PA to come out and watch you sing. (I heard you wrote a song I need to hear ;) ) I always enjoyed listening to you. I can't wait to see the music video and to see you on CMT someday soon. Make sure when you hit it big (because you will) you make a tour date for San Antonio, TX so I can get myself a ticket and come out to see you. This website is awesome, you sound awesome and the pictures you posted are beautiful. Hope to hear from you soon.

Charla Thomas Jun. 21, 2009

Hannah!!!!!!!!! I'm so proud of you!!! You look and sound amazing. Love your all-Hannah sound and it is making me miss you so much!!! We have to get together very soon... Love you!

Ashley Jun. 17, 2009

Hey Hannah!!

Ur website looks great!! Can't wait for your video to come out!! I'm bummed I'm gonna miss ya this Shartlesville but I'll be on cloud 9 watching my man in concert:) haha!! Hope ur voice lasted at the wedding the other week! I was thinking of ya! Take care.. i'll ttyl!


Joe Jun. 11, 2009

Just wanted to say hey and the new songs sounded great!!!

hannah violet Jun. 11, 2009

Thank you Joe and Tony.
You guys are so wonderful. I hope to have several more newer songs posted soon. One being one of my favorites… “Joe’s Song”. Thanks Tony for all of your help.

Ashleigh Shaffer Jun. 11, 2009

Oh wow!! I see that you have dates at the Winner’s Circle Saloon in Grantville. That is 2 minutes away from my parents house!! I am dying to come see you!!

hannah violet Jun. 11, 2009

Hey Ashleigh, I hope you had a nice time at the Winner’s circle. I am updating the schedule right now and adding Michael b’s which is this Saturday night. It is close to Hamburg, “Cabela’s “. Actually the town is called Deer lake. Just wanted to thank you and let you know about the update. Come up and say hi next time if you can.

Ashleigh Shaffer Jun. 11, 2009

Oh wow!! I see that you have dates at the Winner's Circle Saloon in Grantville. That is 2 minutes away from my parents house!! I am dying to come see you!!

Joe Jun. 11, 2009

Hey babe the pictures are beautiful very cool. Great job sarah and Tony!!!

jackie Jun. 11, 2009

hello hannah, just wanted to say i cant wait for your video to come out. i know it will be great with u and jeremiah in there together, i am one of the ones that come to the cantna to see all from illinois, was hoping to come back this pass weekend but it didnt work out for us to be there, hope to see u sometime again. take care till we meet again. jackie

Sharon Miller Jun. 11, 2009

I just looked at your blog from Vegas, I am overwhelmed with pride for all of you. I know how difficult pulling this altogether was, but that didn't stop any of you. You are all extremely talented, and so strong in character with your conviction to complete a project. I am blessed to have you all in my life and continue to amaze me.

Prudence Jun. 11, 2009

I love the pictures I can not wait to see the video. You should have a video preview party, my mom has a projector you could show it against the barn. Sorry but you guys have such cool parties thought this would be another good reason for a party. I check on your website from time to time it looks like I picked a good time to check it out. You are lucky that Sarah is a great photographer but she is more lucky to have you to take photos of cause you are beautiful.

hannah violet Jun. 11, 2009

Prudence you are brilliant! I have always wanted to buy a projector and watch movies on the side of the barn. That would be so much fun. Now I am really excited to get the video done. I can’t wait till the summer and have everyone get together. We will have to get out the water balloons and play heva-hava! I am lucky Sarah is so fabulous and creative as a photographer and I am also very lucky for having you, being so supportive and interested in my music. Thank you Prudence. I hope you all had a wonderful time in Disney. I have to tell your mom that we have a gig at Mt. Airy Casino again now in May. I will get the exact date but we can now plan a good time where everyone can come and stay over at the hotel.

Jackie Jun. 11, 2009

when is the video coming out cant wait to see it, i bet it is a good one,

Hannah Violet Jun. 11, 2009


* fiddle and steal player from Nashville!
*owned “Fiddle and Steal Guitar” ironically my favorite nashville bar
*studio musician in Nashville (1 of many: Big and Rich)
*owned a studio on music row
*toured with Tammy Wynett, Gretchen Wilson, Big & Rich, etc. etc.

I just had to share my exciting weekend with you. On this past rainy chilly sunday, we “Tandem” played at the kutztown fairgrounds for the Greenwich School Carnival. Anyways, before we went on stage, Greg Perkins was walking up with Jeremy. So I met him and we sat down to play a little. He was awesome. Beautiful bowing and cool quick fiddle licks. He gave me a couple pointers. The best one was “I felt your handshake, that’s a good solid handshake, now attack the bow the same way and you got it”. Then we got on stage and Greg played with us the entire time, except for his hanging out the side of the stage smoke breaks. ha ha We took turns on the fiddle, we played insync to each other, and sometimes, I just put the fiddle down so I could listen to him playing in the monitor. It was fun to listen to a concert and then when I wanted, be back in the concert. I had to laugh at myself when i was playing the fiddle during “Save a horse Ride a Cowboy” because once I started I realized, I was playing the licks from the cd, but Gred is the fiddle player on the cd. I was playing his licks!!! Ahh ha ha so I suddenly looked at him, laughed and obviously had him take it from there. So, Greg, thank you for such a pleasant day and so much fun. After we tore down the stage, we all went to the tavern. It was great hearing stories of nashville and the business and nice to discuss studio work and the process of writing music and tracking a CD. Look forward to seeing Greg again next time in pennsylvania or nashville. If I know ahead of time, I will be sure to spread the word so you can all hear him play.

Joe Jun. 11, 2009

Keep up the awesome work babe.

Missy Jun. 11, 2009

Hi Ya Hannah

Are you gonna be with the band for the Kempton Fair? I am trying to talk Ryan into coming out that Thursday so we can see you. I haven't gotten out to hear you play or sing since you been back, but it's hard with the new baby and stuff but the Kempton fair would be a great time to see you. Just let me know and keep up the great work I love your songs.

Hannah Violet Jun. 11, 2009

Hey Missy,
How are you? It would be great to see you at Kempton. I will definitely be at the fair with the band on the 18th. I hope you enjoy it and can stroll around with the baby. See you soon.

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