Hey Everyone!
Jan. 02, 2008

So first I wanted to thank you for checking out my new website www.hannahviolet.com. It’s got some ways to go yet but thanks to Sarah and Tony I’ve got my own way of sharing pictures and stories of Nashville with you. I absolutely love it here. I’ve done so many awesome things ever since the very first day I arrived in July. I went to the CMA awards and was in the bar afterwards when “John Rich” walked in with Cowboy Troy!!! I met some other country singers but just could not get close enough to George Strait. All I could do was just stare and call out to him in desperation, in a packed concert venue. Ha ha ha, I also saw Keith Urban introduce Sara Evans to Nicole Kidman in the first row!  I don’t know why but I thought that was so cool. Did anyone see the show and Miranda Lambert? Her hair was crazy and she was awesome. Man, she is IT. Since then I’ve been keeping my smile on at work at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel. I’m a front desk agent for the largest non-gambling hotel in the country with almost 3,000 rooms. It’s remarkable. I’m actually a trainer now and really enjoy it. I have one favor of you all. If you are in a bad mood, just try to be nice to people if they are being nice to you. We’ve got to teach the mean people out there that they suck and we live a better life doing it our way. But I know that none of you are that way so I love you all for that. Well, it’s time to go downtown so I will be in touch. Remember, pay it forward in any way that you can. I’m really trying to live by that now. ok anyways, have a great night everyone.

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