I'm coming home in April for a couple of days¦
Mar. 12, 2008

Hey Guys!

Guess what? I'm coming home in April for a couple of days to start working on my cd again. Tn has put a bit of a hult on the project but my producer Mike Myers and I are back on track and I have a lot of new songs that I can't wait to put on the cd. Then you can finally see another side of me. I'm so excited. There are so many songs that I want to put on the cd but we also want to finish it this year so we've had to cut a few. I will keep you informed with any updates. Speaking of songwriting, I love the bluebird but I recently tried out a new songwriter's night at the Commodore Lounge in West End and to my surprise, I ran into JIM FEMINO. If you don't know him, look him up on MySpace. He's a brilliant songwriter from our neck the woods in Pa and is really hilarious and absolutely genuinely great to talk to. We (Buck Wyld) covered two of his songs, one being Asphalt in Arkansas. I met him quick at our first annual Yee-Haw at the Fleetwood fire company, but now to run into him, was so cool. He sounded so good that night singing one song after another. He had to run to the CMT studio but then I took a seat on the stage and sang "Next To You". This is one of my newest songs which I wrote for Joe and I decided the second before I sang that I would play this slow song. I was the last songwriter of the night which almost made it feel even more special and intimate. I received some of the most important compliments I could have ever heard that night. My healing voice didn't give me any problems and my heart was absolutely laying out on my guitar. Everything felt so vulnerable but safe and right. I haven't been able to take any of my friends or family that have visited me to an open mic but maybe when my parents come next week, we will make get to one. The rest of the music-filled week will be of my father 10 steps in front of me walking to the next Irish session after the next and my mother just smiling at me as I try to follow in his footsteps and not get tired. Dad, I can't wait to play some new tunes with you. Honestly, I've been practicing!!!!!

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