So Cool! Troy Martin came to town!
Oct. 21, 2008

This past week,, a part of nashville came to kutztown.  Troy Martin, who has had several No. 1 hits, came and hung out with us at our gigs and got up on stage and sang three of his hits and one of his father’s. If you are a country listener, I can almost gaurantee that you have listened to an original Martin song between Troy, his brother, and his father who used to write with Willie Nelson and others. Anyways, my main excitement is due to finding out that he wrote one of my very favorits songs “Baby’s gotten good at goodbye” George Strait. It was just fun hearing Troy sing it the original version and hear the story behind it and then to be able to sing harmonies and play fiddle with him. What a treat. Unfortunately no pics to show you. I’ll have to ask around. I’m gonna get some pictures next time I see him. Last week at Michael B’s, Troy played for the first time with us, and then we all hung out in our “tour bus” between sets. Keifer’s wonderful parents have this beautiful and very large motor home that they sometimes bring out for us. I love it. After one long week of gigs, they let Joe and I stay in it after the after party and before the next day party.  They are really so sweet. I have to admit, it helps to be the only girl in the band when it comes to pick of beds.  I do offer for floor at times though they are all just too good to me and give me a bed. Everything is going great in the band and did I mention, my parents came out to Michael B’s last time and almost got kicked out for having to much fun. For everyone who knows them, know it can happen with the most innocence involved. Way in the back of the crowd I saw my mom fly up on to my dad’s shoulders waving at me. Then I saw her face change and I knew my mom got in trouble. Gotta keep an eye on them. It was so funny. I know my gigs now are further away then the gigs I used to have but I hope some will be closer for yas. Workin on it.  alright, I will keep in touch.

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