My Las Vegas Music Video!!!!!
Feb. 28, 2009


SO HERE'S THE SCOOP on my latest going ons. I just shot my first music video and it took us all to Las Vegas. My video is for an original song called "Violet Sky". The story of the song that lead the team of videographers and photographers to take on this project is very detailed but also not all so plainly put. In short, a young woman is swept up by a 2-sided guy who romantically takes her away but once headed south, there is a sudden and consistenly stronger change in the wind. As a violet sky meets her on an empty road, she is overwhelmed by the peaceful sensation it brings after having lived a day of no fear, pure desperation and absolutely no turning back.

Hannah Violet musicShooting the video was such an experience. It started with a 16 hour travel period just trying to get to Las Vegas. Luckily I had the company of my good friend and fellow musician, Jeremiah James. I am so glad he agreed to be in the video and portray someone very different from his own character. And thank you Jeremy for letting me kill you after you chased me down. I had to. He helped in many ways, especially in making the traveling and hard work with no sleep at all, actually fun. After meeting Sean Penn in the Las Angeles Airport, we landed in Vegas and instantly got ready for the shoot. It was -80 degrees, well a little warmer but I was in a dress and trying to look my best with rain and ostrich egg sized goosebumps . But man did we have a sweet car to drive. A 58 Pontiac StarChief convertable with hot red leather interior came with an Elvis cd in the cd player. Thank Joe for helping us decide. I knew you would pick the greatest car. We had the top down and my sister Sarah was driving. That hot blonde in a leather jacket and behind that pur, absolutely turned heads all day and night. Jeremy finally got to drive it for the video. We did several different scenes and eventually ended up on the strip of vegas driving with the top down and a camera planted on the front of the car. With the freezing Hannah Violet musicwind through my hair at 2am the next morning, Dave Williams, the head videographer was running down the blocks making sure is camera was ok and directing us. Jeremy and I have now been awake for over 48 hours but it was all worth it. Looking back I am full of gratitude and excitement. I was so blessed to see so many well respected professionals working so creatively and passionately on my video. On top of that they were so fun and very sweet holding the blanket for me between shots. Thanks guys. There was an awesome professional team behind the cameras who all came from philadelphia.


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