Hiya! Just an update on me in Nashville
Feb. 02, 2008

So, I just had to tell yous that I met Trent Tomlinson last weekend. Yeah I did! It was cool because it was a very small bar called “The Wheel” and he was all of the sudden singing on stage. I later talked with him. I told him that my old band and I openned up for him in Allentown at the Crocodile Rock last year. I thought it would open up some sort of slight conversation but… nah. He didn’t really care much, or maybe he couldn’t hear me since it was obviously a very cool thing for him to find out. Either way, I broke the silence with a fan moment, “Can we take a picture? So I got it. I haven’t really asked many people for pictures but I almost had to at that moment. Ha ha ha. I also met Mark Chesnutt that night but he was in a huge sweatshirt and Sally totally blew him off. It was so funny. Good times.

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