Hannah Violet, a native Berks County Folk/Country/Rock singer, musician and songwriter
has become a successful solo performer, studio musician and band-leader, in addition to
a career as a Hospice Board-Certified Music Therapist. Hannah has sung, played guitar and
fiddle through out Nashville Tennessee, Pennsylvania and surrounding states. Hannah has
made a positive name for herself with her passion, range of style, professionalism, talent,
and has lead the "Hannah Violet Trio" for 6 years. Hannah released a CD of 14 original
tracks, and a music video shot in Las Vegas in 2015 titled "Violet Sky". CDs can be
purchased at any live event or on Itunes. Hannah has begun recording her next CD, which
will feature much of her talented band mates, Phil Pilorz
and Mitch Miller. You can find upcoming gigs and
information at www.hannahviolet.com or facebook.
On Hannah's site you can also book her for a solo
performance or the Trio for your weddings, parties,
memorials, live music venues, and festivals.

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